Joy Division

Officially licensed t-shirts, apparel and band merch from English rock band Joy Division. Exclusive album and original designs are now available in Australia from Free shipping, Australia wide. are proud to announce an exclusive collection of Joy Division t-shirts including the iconic 'Unknown Pleasures' design that is one of our top sellers year round.

Joy Division formed in 1976 and hit it big time in Australi and around the world in 1979 with their Unknown Pleasures album. Unfortunately, us Aussie's didn't get a chance to see them tour our shores and things looked even direr after the canceled US Tour of 1980. Founding member Peter Hook (bassist) came down recently in 2015 to tour with The Light. Some of the team were lucky enough to sample their take on the Unknown Pleasures track list and other Joy Division/New Order classic hits.

Our top 3 selling Joy Division t-shirts (in order) are:

  1. Unknown Pleasures (Unisex)
  2. Love Will Tear Us Apart
  3. Joy Division Logo

The Unknown Pleasures album art (originally designed by Peter Saville) outsells all the other designs 4-1 and is a guaranteed bet if you are looking for a t-shirt gift idea for any Joy Division fan. We have customers buying these a few times a year because it's simply their favourite t-shirt of all time.